Loving Yourself this Valentines Day

Valentines day is a celebration of love and often puts emphasis on love for someone special but have you ever considered that that someone special can be you? It’s important to love yourself every day but lets spoil ourselves this valentines day. We deserve it! So instead of self care Sunday, this week lets do self care Thursday.

★ Nice PJ’s


★ Face Mask


★ Hair Mask

★ Long bath (Jo Malone body scrub)

★ Delicious supper followed by loads of choc

★ Night of doing what YOU love (film, read, night with best friends)

★ Make sure your room is clean and tidy so you can really relax

The above is most likely how I’ll be spending my valentines day (night) but this might not be for everyone. I’m comfortable with me time so a night totally pampering myself will be dreamy. Well this and eating my feelings ha!

However it’s important to have lots of fun so consider spending time with your closest friends. A lot of my friends live away so we’re saving our get together for next weekend.

Happy Valentines day all. Tomorrow is about YOU! ♥

*Cover photo for this blog is taken from Audra’s gorgeous blog.


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