Loving Yourself this Valentines Day

Valentines day is a celebration of love and often puts emphasis on love for someone special but have you ever considered that that someone special can be you? It’s important to love yourself every day but lets spoil ourselves this valentines day. We deserve it! So instead of self care Sunday, this week lets do self care Thursday.

★ Nice PJ’s


★ Face Mask


★ Hair Mask

★ Long bath (Jo Malone body scrub)

★ Delicious supper followed by loads of choc

★ Night of doing what YOU love (film, read, night with best friends)

★ Make sure your room is clean and tidy so you can really relax

The above is most likely how I’ll be spending my valentines day (night) but this might not be for everyone. I’m comfortable with me time so a night totally pampering myself will be dreamy. Well this and eating my feelings ha!

However it’s important to have lots of fun so consider spending time with your closest friends. A lot of my friends live away so we’re saving our get together for next weekend.

Happy Valentines day all. Tomorrow is about YOU! ♥

*Cover photo for this blog is taken from Audra’s gorgeous blog.

Orchard Farmhouse

Finally I’m getting round to writing about our stay at Orchard Farmhouse in Alcester.

In the last couple of years we’ve arrange a big family get together at the beginning December to celebrate an early Christmas. We left a little last minute this time round so finding this gem on Kate and Tom’s website was so lucky. The property was huge so hosted all eight of us really comfortably. In total I think it sleeps 14 so would be perfect for a big family/party/hen do.

The property was filled with character everywhere you looked. So we had so much fun exploring both the house and grounds surrounding it. The views were gorgeous and despite it being early December one of the days was really sunny so my sister and I enjoyed a chilled Prosecco in the hot tub whilst the sun set. BLISS!

 This is where you’d find me each morning during our stay. Such a cosy spot!

 We found this huge old door but sadly it was locked. We assume it was to a cellar!?

I fell in love with this teeny fire place in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

If Barney wasn’t lay in front of the fire you’d find him in this very spot overlooking the chefs. 

 These buildings were next just across from the farmhouse. I believe them to be offices but they had so much character. I could think of worse places to work!

 This was on of many little outbuildings attached to the side of the farmhouse.

How breakfast looked each morning. We get through SO many eggs!

I mean HOW gorgeous!! I was also obsessed with the giant fireplaces and chimneys throughout.

The views were to die for. Especially on days like these!

Who doesn’t love a walled garden!?

 Saturday was spent prepping Christmas dinner, walking the dogs, chilling in the hottub, and getting the glad rags (tacky Christmas jumpers) on ready for the feast that was ahead. 

Instead of buying everyone a present we decided to do Secret Santa. It’s so much easier and saves everyone spending a fortune. This weekend really was just about chilling out, enjoying one anothers company and drinking far too much gin! 

We were also introduced to the funniest game called ‘Gutterhead’. So inappropriate especially if playing with family but literally HILARIOUS!

Sunday morning I think we all woke up with fuzzy heads and we all slowly emerged from our rooms. We were conscious however of wasting the last day so decided to pay Coughton Court a visit. 

The architecture and grounds were stunning and with it being Christmas time they had a lovely little festive market on too. Sadly though everyone had the same idea as us which meant we couldn’t actually go in the building cause it was too busy. Alcester isn’t far from us at home though so I’d definitely love to go back at some point. 

   Once we’d enjoyed a walk around the gorgeous grounds of the Court we headed back to the house for bubble and squeak before it was time to say goodbye to the family until 2019. 

Getting the family together at Christmas time really is one of my favourite most special traditions and in fact this year, instead of having two Christmas’ we’ve managed to persuade them to come to Worcestershire for actual Christmas and we cannot wait! 

So anyway, if you’re looking to do something similar to us, or you’re planning a girly get together in the future, this property really is ideal. Particularly if you want an escape to the countryside! 

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing all these gorgeous pictures of this weekend and am annoyingly only just getting round to it. I hope you’ve enjoyed and a very happy Sunday!

H x

The Little Cotswold Cottage

Well Hello!

After an unplanned 5 week break from blogging, I am back and playing catch up. I’d intended to blog all about our Christmas, how I decorate our home, wreath making (which I never even got round to) and just like that it’s January 5th and I did none of the above. Oops!

Anyway, I’d planned on sharing our trips to the Cotswolds with you at some point and this has been for the first chance I’ve had since the madness of everything Christmas. I’m always looking for places to stay with friends and family so perhaps the next couple of blog posts will inspire you whether it be a small or large group of people. 

At the end of November me, my sister and two of our oldest friends stayed at the Little Cotswold Cottage near Chipping Norton for a winter/birthday break. I took so many pictures to share with you all so that you can see just how gorgeous it was. It reminded me a little of the cottage from ‘The Holiday’ particularly inside so of course we cosied up one night and watched the film.

My sister and I took the bedroom on the top floor and it did not disappoint. It was so so cosy with a BATH at the end of the bed. Sadly I didn’t get chance  to use it but I’d imagine it’s pure bliss. 

I mean look at it! I also loved the title/wood combination.

Our first night we indulged in fish and chips accompanied by copious amounts of red wine. 

I fell in love with the interiors. The owner has really put her touch on the cottage which made it feel so homely.


Day two we paid Daylesford visit. It’s also a must when I’m in the area but particularly this time with it being showered in Christmas decorations. 

Their range of fresh fruit and veg always looks divine!

I couldn’t resist one of their lavender scented candles for my bedroom.

After a pot of tea and mooch around Daylesford we visited Stow on the Wold for a bite to eat and a mulled wine. 

I follow Meggie’s on Instagram so couldn’t resist a little mooch around her gorgeous shop.

The Gorgeous cottage! 

How to Hygge during Summer

I have this thing for Hygge, hence the name of my blog. I think it’s such a cool concept and to describe it in a nutshell it’s about surrounding yourself with the people you love and creating an atmosphere that makes you feel at home, safe and just generally content. When I think of Hygge I tend to associate it with Autumn/Winter when you get the house feeling all cosy and start incorporating winter warmers back into you diet. However, Hygge is not just for Christmas, so i’m here to help you Hygge in summer!

There are five dimensions to Hygge and these are:

  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Feel
  • Seeing

So picture this. The Sun is beaming, you’re lay on your sun lounger with a Pimms in hand, you’ve smothered yourself in suncream (safety first) and the BBQ has just been fired up ready for dinner with the family. The smell of the suncream immediately takes you back to your most recent holiday, the feeling of the sun warming your skin, the fruity/spicy taste of your cold Pimms and the sound of the BBQ coals crackling is Hygge at it’s finest. I’m in heaven just writing this.

Togetherness is another big part of Hygge. For my sisters birthday this year we’ve decided to host a little garden party (weather permitting) inviting some of our closest friends. I intend on making the garden looking really pretty and welcoming for all of our guests. In order to do this I will be doing the following.

  • Filling old jam jars with tea lights/flowers and hanging them in trees round the garden.
  • Surrounding the fire pit with plenty of blankets and cushions for when the sun goes down.
  • Draping festoon lights across the patio
  • Dusting down the garden games. Always fun especially when drunk!
  • Supplying plenty of marshmallows and digestives to roast over the firepit. YUM!
  • Firing up the BBQ (and allowing someone more responsible than myself to take charge ha!)
  • Inevitably providing a shed load of food and drink.

I’ll be sure to share plenty of pictures with you when the time comes. We can’t wait!

Every year since I was little we’ve gone to Pembrokeshire with our lovely family friends. During this time we have made the best memories but my highlight each year is to BBQ on the beach. We pile everything in bags and make the walk down to Caerfai beach. In the last four years the group has started to grow when Gemma (the oldest of the sisters) bought Archie and Theo into the world. It is the best!! Seeing them enjoy what we we grew up doing in the very same cottage is so special.

I hope I’ve inspired you a little to enjoy the simplicity of Hygge in summer. This is the perfect time to make lots of special memories so go and make the most of this glorious weather, fire up the BBQ and grab yourself a chilled (alcoholic) drink.


Happy happy Sunday!

H x