April Wishlist

Since spending money is one of my greatest talents, I thought I’d start by sharing my monthly wishlist with you throughout the year. Some will be pieces that I actually need, others will be incredibly unrealistic. Perhaps seeing my wishlist on paper will encourage me to wake up and realise I’m not a millionaire (yet). Despite saying to myself at the beginning of the year that I would spend less time online window shopping I haven’t managed to curb this habit. I’m going to justify it by saying scrolling through the Zara app at half 10 at night actually gets me to sleep.

This wishlist will predominantly be filled with fashion and beauty products as we slowly but surely make the transition into spring/summer.

First stop, my addiction to Bobbi Brown continues. I have a handful of products from their skincare range and I am totally obsessed with them so I would like to add to this with the Skin Nourish mask. My friend used hers a few times when she went abroad and said it saved her skin after a day in the sun.


To add to my list of beauty product lusts, is the ‘Babyliss boutique salon waves wand’. I’ve watched a few hair tutorials online where this wand has been used and it gives the perfect beach wave.

Finally this gorgeous palm leaf wash bag (I think I can class this as beauty product) would be perfect for my holiday. At 20×30 cm it’s the perfect size to fit all of your skincare essentials in.

A few months back I decided to have a go at creating a capsule wardrobe. It didn’t go well! However, it did encourage me to buy more timeless pieces. I am far more willing to spend more money if I know something will last me.

A dungaree dress is on the top of my list. I think they are so easy to throw on with most tops/jumpers dependent on the time of year and I just love them with a breton stripe top.


Secondly, I’m desperate for some timeless loafers ideally from Russell and Bromley. Yes it will break the bank however I recall my mum having a few nice pairs and they lasted her YEARS (justified).

Image result for chester loafers russell and bromley

Finally these amazing pink trousers (which you’ll find on the shop my style page). I think they are so fun and will add a pop of colour to my wardrobe that I so desperately need. They can be dressed up and down too which is so important to me when buying new bits as i’ll get far more use out of them.

I’m not sure if i’ve finished this post feeling positive and organised, or depressed because I can’t afford any of this until payday!

Happy mooching!

H x

Ps. You will also find some of my absolute favourites on my Shop My Style page found here: http://everythinghygge.co.uk/shop-my-style/