How to Hygge during Summer

I have this thing for Hygge, hence the name of my blog. I think it’s such a cool concept and to describe it in a nutshell it’s about surrounding yourself with the people you love and creating an atmosphere that makes you feel at home, safe and just generally content. When I think of Hygge I tend to associate it with Autumn/Winter when you get the house feeling all cosy and start incorporating winter warmers back into you diet. However, Hygge is not just for Christmas, so i’m here to help you Hygge in summer!

There are five dimensions to Hygge and these are:

  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Feel
  • Seeing

So picture this. The Sun is beaming, you’re lay on your sun lounger with a Pimms in hand, you’ve smothered yourself in suncream (safety first) and the BBQ has just been fired up ready for dinner with the family. The smell of the suncream immediately takes you back to your most recent holiday, the feeling of the sun warming your skin, the fruity/spicy taste of your cold Pimms and the sound of the BBQ coals crackling is Hygge at it’s finest. I’m in heaven just writing this.

Togetherness is another big part of Hygge. For my sisters birthday this year we’ve decided to host a little garden party (weather permitting) inviting some of our closest friends. I intend on making the garden looking really pretty and welcoming for all of our guests. In order to do this I will be doing the following.

  • Filling old jam jars with tea lights/flowers and hanging them in trees round the garden.
  • Surrounding the fire pit with plenty of blankets and cushions for when the sun goes down.
  • Draping festoon lights across the patio
  • Dusting down the garden games. Always fun especially when drunk!
  • Supplying plenty of marshmallows and digestives to roast over the firepit. YUM!
  • Firing up the BBQ (and allowing someone more responsible than myself to take charge ha!)
  • Inevitably providing a shed load of food and drink.

I’ll be sure to share plenty of pictures with you when the time comes. We can’t wait!

Every year since I was little we’ve gone to Pembrokeshire with our lovely family friends. During this time we have made the best memories but my highlight each year is to BBQ on the beach. We pile everything in bags and make the walk down to Caerfai beach. In the last four years the group has started to grow when Gemma (the oldest of the sisters) bought Archie and Theo into the world. It is the best!! Seeing them enjoy what we we grew up doing in the very same cottage is so special.

I hope I’ve inspired you a little to enjoy the simplicity of Hygge in summer. This is the perfect time to make lots of special memories so go and make the most of this glorious weather, fire up the BBQ and grab yourself a chilled (alcoholic) drink.


Happy happy Sunday!

H x