Autumn so far

Good morning!

I’ve come to realise that a lot of my blog posts are of specific topics, so I wanted to try something a little different and more general (I am new to this after all). So here my friends is a little life update of my ‘Autumn so far’. Not that my life is incredibly exciting but it’s also a way for me to document and share what I’ve been up to and share any pictures I have taken along the way. I think posts like these will also be nice to look back on. Anyway, grab yourself a cuppa on this rather lovely morning and enjoy.

Halloween & Bonfire Night

I’m not very big on Halloween and never really have been. Perhaps because my Mum wasn’t really into it and always said how it was very Americanised I never bothered to celebrate it as an adult!? I’m also a bloody wimp and absolutely refuse to watch horror movies. However, I did grow some instagrammable pumpkins regardless. Yes I need to get a life, but the fact that I successfully grew anything at all has been quite an achievement ha. And look how diddy they are!! Going to see some fireworks ended up being a very last minute decision so my Sister and I decided to go to Worcester racecourse and apart from them being half an hour late, the display ended up being amazing. I also feel like bonfire night is the start of all the festivities so it had to be done.

Only in Bromyard

Knitwear Love

From October right through to New Year I am drawn to knitwear and everything sparkly. I’m like a bloody magpie when it comes to sequins. Glitter however I despise. Glitter wrapping paper – na ah! Now that we’re in November the shops are filled with party wear. I have tried on SO many dresses in numerous high street stores but I think the only thing with sequins, unless they have a good quality lining they can be so so itchy. I have also been building my knitwear collection slowly but surely. On a cold morning it’s hard enough getting out of bed as it is but snuggling into a chunky knit jumper make it a little more bearable. I’m going to have to purchase one of those oversized ‘Teddy’ Coats too. I imagine it to be like tearing yourself out of one duvet and wrapping yourself in another. DREAMY on a cold winters day!

The Teddy Coat of Dream – H&M

Winter Warmers

There’s something so comforting about winter warmers, particularly on a cold day and as a result I have a new found love for slow cookers. Something may I add that I used to despise when I was at school. If I got home and saw the slow cooker on the side I would be SO disappointed! Stews just were not my thing when I was younger but I have grown to love them and LOVE how easy they are. There’s also something quite smug about getting home from work and your dinner being ready to eat, especially after little prep. So the Minty Lamb Casserole has become a real fave. Then of course there’s the usual family favourites like Toad in the Hole which I’ve only just mastered after many trial and errors. Toad in a pancake isn’t quite the same! Chicken Pot Pie courtesy of Jamie is DIVINE and again pictured below. It takes a lot of prep but I think it’s so worth it particularly if you’ve got a bit more time on a Sunday. Finally, an Apple Crumble to top off a yummy seasonal meal. You can’t really go wrong with a crumble, but my advice would be to always double the crumble mix from any recipe you come across. Lets not kid ourselves, we only really eat the crumble for the crumble.

Minty Lamb Casserole

The Ultimate Toad in the Hole

Chicken Pot Pie

What I’ve been watching

Since the nights started drawing in I have been watching a lot more TV. It’s so easy to settle down for the evening and get stuck into your favourite programme. So what series have really captivated me? BBC 1 have been spoiling us recently. First with the Bodyguard (AMAZING), then Killing Eve and The Cry. All amazing. As I write this, The Little Drummer Girl has just started so I have no doubt that will suck me in too. Then of course on a lazy Sunday morning whilst catching up with my ironing (oh the fun life I lead) my go to every time is friends. I have watched every episode God knows how many times but it never fails to make me laugh out loud!

Party Season

Typically my summer has been pretty quiet on the partying front then October arrives and I have a wedding to go to and an engagement party. Has party season come early? Not that I’m complaining. I love an excuse to buy new party wear. I am so drawn to sequins, glitter and deep reds/navy’s at this time of year so my ASOS wish list is overflowing at the moment, and since I’ve had two big occasions this month I’ve been in my element. Below are a few of my favourites.

Christmas Planning

Christmas. Is this a word you dread in October/November? Not for me isn’t. I bloody love it. Throughout my life it has always been such a special celebration and something I look forward to every year. So when October comes around I say there’s no time like the present. I don’t mean that I’m putting the tree up, watching Christmas films and whipping out the Michael Buble album. I try to leave that until December 1st so not to spoil too much of the excitement, but I feel now is a good time to start planning.

I don’t know about you but I have to budget for presents from about September payday so that by December I’m not absolutely broke. I also make a note of who I’ll be buying presents for and any gift ideas. I find it makes shopping SO much easier. I have also bought a few Christmas mags. This isn’t something I usually do as they’re quite pricey but from flicking through I can see that they’ll give me so much inspiration for style, present ideas, recipes etc. Anyway, it is only the beginning of November so I won’t go on and I’ll be sure to share some Christmas related posts on here closer to the time.

Dining Room project

I LOVE interior design but since I’m still living at home I am fairly limited. Saying that, I designed my bedroom and Dad has let me have a say when we’ve renovated rooms previously. Most recently he redecorated the Living Room and pretty much let me take the lead when choosing paint colours, carpets, soft furnishings etc. Anyway, the latest project has been the dining room. What was supposed to be a paint job turned into something much bigger (see photos). Something that is not uncommon when you live in an old house. We discovered that this wall had salt in which made the finish look ‘bumpy’, but this could easily be treated. Dad later realised that it was also damp which meant it needed to be treated properly but beneath the plaster. YAY!

Nevertheless, as always he saved the day and fixed the problem. We chose a much lighter colour than before to make the room feel bigger and brighter. I loved the ‘Book Room Red’  that we had before, more so in the winter but it really did feel dark in there all year round. Shock horror I am now ridiculously excited to decorate this room for Christmas!

The result of damp!

The original colour (Book Room Red- Farrow and Ball) – Christmas 2016

We chose ‘Twine’ from the Laura Ashley Collection.

Days out

I’m not really a big walker if I’m being honest and I really should do it more often. 1. Cause I’m fortunate enough to live in a gorgeous part of the countryside and ought to make the most of my surroundings and 2. Because I always feel so much better for it. That being said in recent weeks I’ve loved taking advantage of the sunny Autumnal days that we’ve been blessed with by walking locally with Barney (our fur baby).

I don’t know if this is an age thing (hopefully not) but I’ve also really started to notice the beauty in my surroundings too, such as the multitude of colours in the landscape as the leaves change colour and the golden afternoons as the sun sets.


First of the hard frosts this Autumn

What have you lovely lot been up to in recent weeks? And can you recommend any days out locally (Worcestershire)?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Apart from making some mince pies (yep and I don’t care who knows it) I’ll be having a very chilled one. Here’s to a positive week ahead!

H x

Who to follow on Instagram

Here I am. Back again after yet another unplanned break from both the blog and Instagram. Does anyone else ever feel like they’re lacking inspiration/motivation a little? I have been putting together ideas for the upcoming seasons and that’s as far as it went. Anyway, after a getting back into a relatively normal routine after 11 days off work my ‘creative juices’ are flowing again (what a horrendous expression).

I have been meaning to put together a post like this for ages as I often get asked who to follow for the below categories. The ones I have chosen to mention I’ve been following for a while now so have gotten to know their style and can 100% recommend that you follow them if any of the topics discussed are of interest to you. I will provide you with a little snippet of their feed and a link to their blog/website so that you can have a little mooch yourself. There are SO many others that I could have included but I thought I’d go with the accounts that I know well.

I won’t comment on every single account that I’ve included otherwise this really will take you half a day to read, but be assured that they are all lovely/likeable girls, some of which I’m lucky enough to call my friends! With a real mix of categories I’m hoping to have captured at least one of your passions.

The last category that I have called ‘Real Life’ (mainly cause I couldn’t think of a better title), I have included three profiles that have really opened my eyes to subjects I felt pretty uneducated in. They cover subjects such as baby loss, blood cancer and mental health and since following them I have learnt SO much. That isn’t solely what they are about however. They cover a mix of fashion, interiors, family life, lifestyle (I could go on) and coincidentally they are all bloody hilarious.

Now get browsing…









Real Life


I love blog posts like this where you can just admire lots of pretty pictures, it makes for pretty easy viewing.

I hope this gives you aaall the inspiration. Now get yourself on Instagram and follow every single one of these accounts. You won’t regret it. Most of them also have the balls to Instagram story too (I’m not there yet) and I love seeing what everyone has been up to when I get home from work. Maybe I need to get a life ha.

Happy Instagramming!

H x

August Wishlist

Hello you lovely lot, hope you’re all well!

For this months wishlist my focus is predominately on interiors as opposed to fashion. Now that that the end of August is in sight I’m rather looking forward to the A/W months (Keen I know). The cosy knitwear, cold walks, seasonal meals and festive markets (I could go on.)

Naturally I want to make my bedroom and living room particularly cosy ready for when the cooler and darker nights draw in. The goal is to make it as Hygge as possible. With copious amounts of candles, blankets, cosy pjs and hot drinks this shouldn’t be too difficult.

My first priority is my bedroom. At the moment it’s relatively minimalist with very neutral colours so my plan is to add a subtle pink throw which I think will be quite versatile across all seasons. I do however have the softest/ snuggliest faux fur throw for when it gets really chilly. When I say fur throw think chalet in Meribel not a brothel.

I may also make some changes to the lay out of my floating shelf. It might benefit from a bit of colour in one of the frames and I love the idea of framing feathers, particularly ones with a distinctive pattern or colour. So if any of you happen to come across feathers of the above description, send them my way. What a great/natural way to incorporate colour though.

Inspiration taking from Rebecca from Roses and Rolltops. Follow the link to see how she creates the perfect gallery wall

I LOVE white bedding. Bit of a dangerous colour if you’re an avid fake tan wearer, however it’s so versatile. If you’re walls are of a neutral colour you could change the colour theme of your soft furnishings each season. I had my eye on some gorgeous bedding from the white company but after mooching in home sense and tkmaxx I was spoilt by their choice and for a fraction of the price.

Now I’ve got this thing for indoor plants and despite killing several hundred I think I’m slowly getting to grips with looking after my plant babies. I love the one I already have in my room but I’ve really grown to like the trailing plants (providing it doesn’t get too wild). So with a trip to Ikea in the diary I will be on the hunt for one of these beauties.

Pinterest inspiration

I big contributor of hygge is low lighting so I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement lamp. The one I had on my chest of draws was cheap as chips as I originally had it for uni, but i’ve recently fallen in love with this pineapple lamp from Laura Ashley thanks to Cara Sutherlands influence. It’s price tag doesn’t thrill me but I can’t see myself ever falling out of love with it so it’s therefore an investment right?!

Home fragrances are next on my list. Not an essential of course but another contributor of hygge (particularly candles). The White Company release seasonal candles and diffusers so it would only be right to get the Autumn scent. I’m also in love with their Cashmere collection which I can highly recommend. I think it’s such a luxurious fragrance which I’ve had in my room for the last few months but it would also be perfect in a bathroom or hall way. It’s quite subtle though so I wouldn’t use it in a large room.

Last but not least PJS! You can’t beat getting home from a long day at work, having a warm and relaxing bath and putting on your cosiest pyjamas. Before last year I never really bothered with PJ sets. I just couldn’t justify spending much money on something I’ll be wearing to bed. Now though, more so when it’s colder I love love cosy loungewear. Is this an age thing? I hope not! Joules and Fatface always exhibit the best lounge wear collection but can be a little pricey. If you’re not so keen on their price tag Next also have a great selection. These are a few of the pairs I have my eye on at the moment.

So there it is. I’m officially ready to start nesting ready for next season. I’m so excited for whats to come and also to read some of my favourite bloggers posts. I so love seeing what everyone gets up to and take away many ideas for places to visit.

H x