My Top 5 Podcasts

I’m back! After several weeks of distraction and a lack of inspiration I am back and more motivated to actually deliver some (hopefully) interesting and useful content on my little corner of the internet.

So. Podcasts. I work in an office so while i’m working really hard (obv), instead of listening to music, I spend a lot of time listening to a variety of podcasts of different genres that leave me crying laughter or feeling motivated and inspired. This blog post has been on my to do list to write for AGES as I’m always seeing instagram stories of people looking for podcast inspo so thought this could come in useful. So without further a do here is what’s keeping me entertained day to day.

  1. My Dad Wrote a Porno

THIS. IS. A. MUST! My Dad wrote a Porno is a British podcast hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Radio 1’s Alice Levine. Each episode features Jamie reading a chapter of his Father’s erotic novel ‘Belinda Blinked’ with both Jamie and Alice reacting to the content. The commentary is almost funnier than the book itself and it literally has me laughing out loud. Belinda Blinked ‘tells the story of the sexual exploits of Belinda Blumenthal and her work in the sales and marketing department of the fictional company Steeles Pots and Pans. The writing is erratic and Morton has said, “One moment Belinda is handcuffed to a trellis in a ‘medium-sized maze’, the next she’s at a charity tombola raising funds for the Asses & Donkeys Trust.” This without a doubt has to be number one on my list so if like me you have a pretty crude and sarcastic sense of humour, this will be so up your street.

2. Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

If I’m lacking in positivity and motivation Fearne’s podcast tends to be my go to. In each episode Fearne draws on her own experiences and shares advice from experts on how to work through feeling down to finding joy every day. She speaks with such amazing and inspiring individuals who talk about how they have made changes in their own lives or helped others to do so. I love almost all of the episodes and some are more relatable than others but one I particularly loved was her chat with Davina McCall. I came away from this episode feeling so empowered. I’m my own worst critic and Davina talks a lot about self love and not caring about what others think of you so this was a massive help.

3. The High Low – Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes

The High Low is one of the first podcasts I listened to after having it recommended to me by a friend. Dolly and Pandora cover everything from pop culture (my guilty pleasure) and current affairs. Sure, I take particular interest in the trivial celebrity gossip aspect of this podcast but I also come away from each episode feeling more educated.

4. Under the Skin – Russell Brand

Russell Brand asks ‘what’s beneath the surface of people we admire. Speaking with guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts, they’ll help us to see the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh.’ Granted some episodes are pretty heavy going but when he’s talking to celebs that you admire it’s particularly interesting learning things about them that they perhaps haven’t opened up about before. Or you’ve read a version of a story online but here they’ll put those rumours straight.

5. Shagged, Married, Annoyed – Chris and Rosie Ramsay

Chris and Rosie claim that the only way they can have a proper uninterrupted conversation, is by doing this podcast. I didn’t know what to expect from this one but it really made me laugh. I love their banter and their sense of humour is much like my own. They cover ‘general life, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting, growing up and everything in between’ so it’s relatable in many ways.

I hope this is useful to some of you and will leave you feeling inspired or crying with laughter. My advice would be to go and grab your headphones (definitely need headphones) and whack on My Dad Wrote a Porno. You won’t look back!

H x

The Little Cotswold Cottage

Well Hello!

After an unplanned 5 week break from blogging, I am back and playing catch up. I’d intended to blog all about our Christmas, how I decorate our home, wreath making (which I never even got round to) and just like that it’s January 5th and I did none of the above. Oops!

Anyway, I’d planned on sharing our trips to the Cotswolds with you at some point and this has been for the first chance I’ve had since the madness of everything Christmas. I’m always looking for places to stay with friends and family so perhaps the next couple of blog posts will inspire you whether it be a small or large group of people. 

At the end of November me, my sister and two of our oldest friends stayed at the Little Cotswold Cottage near Chipping Norton for a winter/birthday break. I took so many pictures to share with you all so that you can see just how gorgeous it was. It reminded me a little of the cottage from ‘The Holiday’ particularly inside so of course we cosied up one night and watched the film.

My sister and I took the bedroom on the top floor and it did not disappoint. It was so so cosy with a BATH at the end of the bed. Sadly I didn’t get chance  to use it but I’d imagine it’s pure bliss. 

I mean look at it! I also loved the title/wood combination.

Our first night we indulged in fish and chips accompanied by copious amounts of red wine. 

I fell in love with the interiors. The owner has really put her touch on the cottage which made it feel so homely.


Day two we paid Daylesford visit. It’s also a must when I’m in the area but particularly this time with it being showered in Christmas decorations. 

Their range of fresh fruit and veg always looks divine!

I couldn’t resist one of their lavender scented candles for my bedroom.

After a pot of tea and mooch around Daylesford we visited Stow on the Wold for a bite to eat and a mulled wine. 

I follow Meggie’s on Instagram so couldn’t resist a little mooch around her gorgeous shop.

The Gorgeous cottage! 

Who to follow on Instagram

Here I am. Back again after yet another unplanned break from both the blog and Instagram. Does anyone else ever feel like they’re lacking inspiration/motivation a little? I have been putting together ideas for the upcoming seasons and that’s as far as it went. Anyway, after a getting back into a relatively normal routine after 11 days off work my ‘creative juices’ are flowing again (what a horrendous expression).

I have been meaning to put together a post like this for ages as I often get asked who to follow for the below categories. The ones I have chosen to mention I’ve been following for a while now so have gotten to know their style and can 100% recommend that you follow them if any of the topics discussed are of interest to you. I will provide you with a little snippet of their feed and a link to their blog/website so that you can have a little mooch yourself. There are SO many others that I could have included but I thought I’d go with the accounts that I know well.

I won’t comment on every single account that I’ve included otherwise this really will take you half a day to read, but be assured that they are all lovely/likeable girls, some of which I’m lucky enough to call my friends! With a real mix of categories I’m hoping to have captured at least one of your passions.

The last category that I have called ‘Real Life’ (mainly cause I couldn’t think of a better title), I have included three profiles that have really opened my eyes to subjects I felt pretty uneducated in. They cover subjects such as baby loss, blood cancer and mental health and since following them I have learnt SO much. That isn’t solely what they are about however. They cover a mix of fashion, interiors, family life, lifestyle (I could go on) and coincidentally they are all bloody hilarious.

Now get browsing…









Real Life


I love blog posts like this where you can just admire lots of pretty pictures, it makes for pretty easy viewing.

I hope this gives you aaall the inspiration. Now get yourself on Instagram and follow every single one of these accounts. You won’t regret it. Most of them also have the balls to Instagram story too (I’m not there yet) and I love seeing what everyone has been up to when I get home from work. Maybe I need to get a life ha.

Happy Instagramming!

H x

Why Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a relatively modern concept created by the Danes that I feel describes everything I love in a nutshell. That being togetherness, cosy interiors, comfort food and timeless fashion (especially in winter, so much easier right?)

Anyway, I digress… Hygge isn’t limited to Autumn/Winter. Picture this. You’re sat in the garden with your friends and family, drink in hand, the smell of BBQ food lingering in the air, music playing in the background with the sound of the fire pit crackling away. Bliss! Ah roll on the lighter warmer evenings. The other thing I love about nights like this are how it encourages togetherness (another important aspect of Hygge). I LOVE spending time with friends and family as much as possible. It makes me feel so content and making endless memories is just the best! I try to make a conscious effort to leave my phone in another room when at a social gathering (apart from to take pictures of course) but in doing this you can totally relax, switch off from virtual influences and simply take in the moment.

An event that stands out to me is when last year we celebrated an early Christmas with family. We rented out a gorgeous farmhouse locally and spent the entire weekend eating, drinking, chatting, playing games and laughed none stop. I was totally in my element. I arrived there straight from work on a rather gloomy December evening and there was Mulled wine warming on the AGA and fresh mince pies on the side begging me to eat them. DUH! It was heaven.

For a more in depth description of what Hygge is I can strongly recommend ‘The little book of Hygge’ by Miek Wiking. It is a great example of how to live well and is where I came to hear about this amazing approach. But for now here’s a checklist to help you get started.

Hygge checklist:

  • Candles candles candles
  • No stark lighting. Table lamps all the way
  • Build a little collection of the cosiest clothes for the days of doing nothing.
  • Put together a blanket basket to cosy up with
  • Put fresh flowers throughout the house
  • Cook from scratch (because there’s something so satisfying about it when it goes out)
  • Light the log fire/fire pit
  • Bake because ‘you can’t buy happiness but you can buy cake’. I will now live by this.
  • Fill your wardrobe with chunky knits and scarves
  • Drink copious amounts of tea and hot chocolate


I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my interpretation of Hygge. So for now, get into your cosiest clothes make and hot drink, stuff your face with Easter eggs surround yourself with candles (safety first)  and whack on a film (I’m sure there will be plenty of bank holiday treats over the next couple of days).

Happy Easter!

H x