My Daily Skincare Routine


‘Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life’. – Renée Rouleau


I am a strong believer in skincare being an investment. So I decided at the beginning of this year that it was time to step it up a gear as I’d just hit 26. I’m told to get ahead of the game rather than wait till the wrinkles and fine lines appear, so I did just that.

I’ve got combination skin and lack hydration particularly under my eyes, so have been experimenting with different products across 3 or 4 brands that target these issues. I’m now about 7 months into this routine and my skin is the clearest it’s ever been and glows so much more that it used to. A few of my friends have also asked what products I use/what the target and so this is why I’ve chosen to share my ‘skincare journey’ with you now in the hope it may advise others.

I feel a little out of place talking about skincare products, so let me start by saying I am not a skincare expert this has been trial and error across a period of time.

To start I wash my face ensuring I remove all of my make up. To do this I use the Bobbi Brown ‘Soothing Cleansing Oil’ which you massage into your whole face and it basically melts away your make up. It’s so gentle on the skin and I then splash it away with warm water. It doesn’t leave your face feeling oily and it really does remove all of your make up. You may need a little more depending how much you are wearing but generally I use two pumps every morning and night.

I also have the the Bobbi Brown ‘Extra Balm Rinse’. It’s a little more pricey but it lasts for aaages and is that little bit of luxury when you need a pamper. (Almost) every Sunday has become a bit of a pamper day for me so I tend to combine this cleanser with some of the Bobbi Brown ‘Buffing Grains’ to gently exfoliate my face. You need very few of these so they also last for a long time.

‘The Ordinary’ has recently become one of my favourite skincare brands and all of their products are SO reasonably priced so I didn’t take much persuading. When I first looked at their website I had NO idea what any of their products meant but after researching what my skin required to improve it’s hydration I chose the Hyalouronic Acid 2% + B5. I apply three drops to my face every morning and night (after cleansing, before moisturising) and massage in to my skin. This is a water based product so doesn’t leave your skin feeling/looking greasy.

The caffeine solution targets dark circles and puffiness under the eyes which annoyingly is something I suffer from. I can’t say too much on this as I only started using this in the last few weeks but so far so good and very little product goes a long way. Once I’ve applied both of the ordinary products I use a little of the Kiehls ‘Creamy Eye Treatment’ morning and night which moisturises and brightens.

These Bobbi Brown face creams are amazing and smell equally as great. I use the ‘vitamin enriched face base’ every morning before I apply make up since it acts as a brilliant primer. The ‘Hydrating Face Cream’ (as you can see is well loved) is my evening equivalent to the face base. It does exactly what it says on the ‘tin’ and leaves my face feeling silky smooth.

The Extra ‘Repair Nourishing Milk’. This product is HEAVEN! I don’t use this too often as it’s rather expensive but like the Extra Balm rinse its perfect when you’re after a little luxury. It got a lot more use in the winter when it was particularly cold and my skin was much dryer than usual. It has ‘moisture of a face oil plus the skin-renewing benefits of a treatment’ and leaves your skin feeling so nourished and glowy (I know that’s not a word).

Now I am of course prone to spots every bloomin’ month. However Mario Badescu saves me with this amazing ointment. The answer is not to squeeze!! (I’m guilty of it oops), then apply this lotion before bed. By morning it’s much dryer if not gone! Genius!!

Lastly, drink plenty of water! I know this may seem like an obvious one but it really does make a difference. It’s recommended that you drink 2 litres of water a day so give this a try. I can so tell when I have not drunk enough.

I hope this’ll give you a little insight in how to get hydrated, nourished and glowing skin. If you have you any questions feel free to comment and you’ll be able to shop any of these products below.

Happy pampering!

H x


My Travel Essentials

Welcome back you lovely lot!

It’s been a rather lazy month but I have been planning a few new posts so it’s taken me a bit of time to gather some (hopefully) interesting and useful content and decide which one I should prioritise. Besides blog planning i’ve had two weddings one of which was my best friends. BEST. DAY. EVER! We got some gorgeous pictures and just made the best memories.


I also attended the hunters and heels instameet which was just the most gorgeous day. Once again, it was so special meeting and catching up with such lovely like minded people and the day was jam packed with amazing activities including a Bobbi Brown make up tutorial, flower crown making, LOTS of food, LOTS of drink and the gift bag.. well!!


So, now my little life update is out of the way, on with the important stuff.

With it being holiday season I thought I’d share some of my travel essentials that you will find in my hand luggage every time I go away. I like to gather some bits that’ll get me through a long journey but that will also keep me from looking insanely tired and leave me feeling pampered. It may just be me but I find that long journeys really take its toll on my skin especially when there is air con involved. My skin gets SO dry when exposed to all that dry air. These two products are an absolute must have for me as they keep my skin and lips looking nourished, hydrated and glowing for long periods of time. If you’re also travelling somewhere hot where you’ll be spending your time sunbathing these products are also heaven after a day in the sun.

I also have to share this find with you which i’ll definitely be taking away with me this year. I’ve heard so much about these collagen eye masks but can’t justify spending so much on just one pair. Anyway, I found these on eBay and took a bit of a risk with them. I am so happy I did! I store them in the fridge and they feel SO soothing when you apply them. They really wake up my under eyes and I can certainly see a difference when I remove them. What I will say is that I tried one on the back of my hand before I put them on my face to ensure I didn’t react to them. Fortunately all was well and I personally think they are a big win!

A blooming good book and/or magazine is next on my list. In one of my previous posts I shared three of my favourite books with you which can be found here (Dreaming of Summer). Pictured below are some more of my favourite books. I must admit I haven’t read ‘Everything I know about love’ by Dolly Alderton just yet. I’m hoping to save it for my holiday but I have seen it recommended EVERYWHERE. I’m a big fan of the ‘High Low Podcast’ presented by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes so i’m positive I’ll love this book.

This conveniently leads me onto the next item which is Headphones to listen to The High Low of course. It is BRILLIANT. Dolly and Pandora talk about current affairs whether that be trivial or important and I always come away feeling a little more educated and rather empowered. Another brilliant podcast is ‘My Dad wrote a Porno’ presented by the son of the author who wrote said porno. This had me in absolute hysterics. I stupidly started listening to this at work which i think royally effed off my colleagues after bursting out laughing every two minutes. If you need a pick me up this is a brilliant go to.

A holiday fragrance is an important one for me. This is dependent on the time of year and location but the main reason for choosing a particular fragrance means that it will then hold that specific memory every time I wear it. In the summer I like something quite light and fresh. This year I’m torn between two of my favourites which are ‘Eau Rose’ by Diptyque and ‘English Pear and Freesia’ by Jo Malone. They are both quite floral but last really well considering they are light. Decisions decisions!

Now of course theres the slightly more essential things like your passport, phone, money and charger, but why not accessorise these very important but rather boring bits. You will see in last months wishlist I shared an Aspinal of London passport cover and luggage label which might I add are still on my wishlist ha! These make such gorgeous gift ideas and add a touch of luxury to your luggage. Then of course you will need a travel pouch to carry the above in. Below is the very pretty bag from Elizabeth scarlet which I will link for you. I am SO excited to use mine. So there they are. My travel essentials! Have you got any others? Please do share I could be missing a trick. Have a fab Sunday!

See you next week!

H x

April Wishlist

Since spending money is one of my greatest talents, I thought I’d start by sharing my monthly wishlist with you throughout the year. Some will be pieces that I actually need, others will be incredibly unrealistic. Perhaps seeing my wishlist on paper will encourage me to wake up and realise I’m not a millionaire (yet). Despite saying to myself at the beginning of the year that I would spend less time online window shopping I haven’t managed to curb this habit. I’m going to justify it by saying scrolling through the Zara app at half 10 at night actually gets me to sleep.

This wishlist will predominantly be filled with fashion and beauty products as we slowly but surely make the transition into spring/summer.

First stop, my addiction to Bobbi Brown continues. I have a handful of products from their skincare range and I am totally obsessed with them so I would like to add to this with the Skin Nourish mask. My friend used hers a few times when she went abroad and said it saved her skin after a day in the sun.


To add to my list of beauty product lusts, is the ‘Babyliss boutique salon waves wand’. I’ve watched a few hair tutorials online where this wand has been used and it gives the perfect beach wave.

Finally this gorgeous palm leaf wash bag (I think I can class this as beauty product) would be perfect for my holiday. At 20×30 cm it’s the perfect size to fit all of your skincare essentials in.

A few months back I decided to have a go at creating a capsule wardrobe. It didn’t go well! However, it did encourage me to buy more timeless pieces. I am far more willing to spend more money if I know something will last me.

A dungaree dress is on the top of my list. I think they are so easy to throw on with most tops/jumpers dependent on the time of year and I just love them with a breton stripe top.


Secondly, I’m desperate for some timeless loafers ideally from Russell and Bromley. Yes it will break the bank however I recall my mum having a few nice pairs and they lasted her YEARS (justified).

Image result for chester loafers russell and bromley

Finally these amazing pink trousers (which you’ll find on the shop my style page). I think they are so fun and will add a pop of colour to my wardrobe that I so desperately need. They can be dressed up and down too which is so important to me when buying new bits as i’ll get far more use out of them.

I’m not sure if i’ve finished this post feeling positive and organised, or depressed because I can’t afford any of this until payday!

Happy mooching!

H x

Ps. You will also find some of my absolute favourites on my Shop My Style page found here: